Visualizing RSVP data from the Data Science DC Meetup group

Recently, the Data Science DC Meetup group held a competition for their members to visualize their RSVP data. I did not have too much time, but I took a stab at trying to visualize the data. In one approach, I simply clustered the Meetup event titles into 4 groups using the k-means algorithm, and from each group/cluster, I created word clouds. In another approach, I built a n-by-n co-occurrence matrix, where n is the number of members and each matrix cell value was the number of times the i-th and j-th members went to the same Meetup event. From this matrix, I built a maximum weight spanning tree (MWST) where each vertex corresponded to a member and each edge was weighted by the co-occurrence value. I then visualized this MWST using the Yifu Han layout algorithm. The original data and visualizations may be downloaded below. 

  1. Original data.
  2. Word cloud visualization.
  3. Social network visualization.

As usual, cheers! Sib ntsib dua mog!


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